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The results of our COVID-19 PCR test study can be found here.

Links, Talks & Articles on Coronavirus / COVID-19


  • Green Zones against Corona (TU Dortmund's University for Kids; German)

  • Topic: Vaccination

     Interview with Dr. Markus Beier, chairman of Bayerischer Hausärzteverband

  • Topic: Youth, children and day-care centers during the pandemic

      Interview with Prof. Menno Baumann, Intensive pedagogy, Fliedner FH Düsseldorf

Initiative "NO-COVID":

TU Dortmund: Test strategy

  • TU Dortmund's "NO-COVID" test strategy: ZDF Heute Journal report (German)

Künstler fragen Wissenschaftler
  • "The house is on fire". Trailer to the video: "Why we have to act proactively?"

  • "Why we have to act proactively?" Interview by Prof. Mareike Foecking with Prof. Matthias F. Schneider

  • The No-COVID strategy: Explained by Ersen Gözdogan (HS Düsseldorf)

Artikel & Links



  • "How to END the crisis" - Part 1: Interview with Yaneer Bar-Yam, founder of the "End Coronavirus" initiative

  • "How to END the crisis" - Part 2 (economic and public health aspects) Interview with Stephen Duckett, former Australian secretary of health


  • Covid Action Summit: Yaneer Bar-Yam (Excerpt 1)

  • Covid Action Summit: Yaneer Bar-Yam (Excerpt 2)